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Specialists in 2mm N Gauge Renumbering, Respray,
Weathering and Detailing. 

Commissioning a Model - Terms of Business - Postage

To commission a respray, first of all please contact us to discuss your requirements also the level of any extra detail that is required. Before any work is undertaken, the customer must either supply the base model or pay for the cost of the base model.
Turnaround time for most work is normally 12-15 weeks, but in some cases this may vary depending on work load. Livery corrections (partial respray) weathering, renumbering, fitting of precision printed or etched plates, snow ploughs or any other small detailing parts may also take a similar time. I will of course always advise you of the current work load and turnaround time before an agreement is made on any work that will be undertaken. For full loco resprays, I will also advise you of any extra detail that may be required for the prototype that is being modelled. You will of course incur extra cost the more detail that is added. If you just require a respray with the loco being returned in ex-works condition with no extra detail added, we are more than happy to carry this out. 

Loco resprays from £125.00 (Order book is currently closed for resprays)
Renumbering & weathering are still being accepted.

Price guide for loco renumbering, detailing & weathering -
Please note this is a small example of what we offer 
Class 31/47 high intensity dummy headlights £5.00
ETH sockets for 31/4, 37/4, 47/4 etc £5.00  

Class 47 roof etched detailing inc boiler port cover, exhaust port, cab vents, dummy HI headlights (Poole / early China models) £20.00
Etched RCH jumpers & NRN aerials (0.3mm) also available on request.
Class 47 'cut away' buffer beams (Poole / Early China / Retooled models) £25.00

Class 86 old style RCH jumpers & Multiple working jumper conversion £25.00

Standard etched diesel snow ploughs (also Class 33) fitted & painted £10.00

Weathering from £35.00 (Please state light, medium or medium heavy)

Renumbering £40.00 - With nameplates from £50.00 (depending on prototype actually being modelled) 

Adding orange cantrails £10.00 

Fitting & painting factory supplied detailing parts £5.00

Debranding, change of identity or faded paintwork which may include a partial respray and extra transfers
inc cantrail and nameplates (printed or etched available) start from £60.00. Click above photo of 60044 for an example.
Please contact us for more information.  

Some models come with buffers which are not correct for the prototype being modelled e.g. round where they should be oval, oval to square oval etc or even oval to round Oleo such as the Dapol class 86. Please ask about our buffer replacement service.  

Terms of Business

When the commissioned loco(s) or item(s) of rolling stock is or are complete and ready to be returned to the customer, you will receive a high quality digital photograph as well as a complete run down of all work carried out. This is when full payment will be due, as discussed at the first contact stages. Only when full payment is received will commissions be released for shipping.

Current methods of payment are
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cheques


For loco resprays the preferred method of shipping is Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm next day insured up to £500 for loss or damage and tracked £10.00

I am also very happy to accept work from overseas customers.